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2nd Place - Most Closed Units (SALES) in a office of over 200 Agents.

September 2007





From: Matthias
Sent: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 11:12 am
Subject: the new crib

Hey Rozz,

I have been meaning to write you a mail for quite some time...

First of all thanks again for making our home buying experience such a smooth one. This is not the first home we bought so we know that things don't always go smoothly and that there are a lot of people involved with different personalities, different needs, etc. The fact that you are such a pro at what you do AND
have a great personality makes you one of a kind. I will recommend you to everybody I know, musicians or non musicians.
Please come by some time, the studio is not done yet, but it is already cool.

I hope you are well.

See you soon,






Hi Rozz,

I was looking at your site for a house that would be our 2nd transaction and i saw your testimonials page. I could not pass up the chance to thank you.

Rozz not only helped me find and "proof" my studio/home purchase, (he offered me 2 additional homes that were comparable and both good) he guided me through every step of the home selection, negotiation and purchase.

and.. advised me on how to optimize my credit (150 points higher when he was done..) set me up with a "team" of people he knows to help me in addition to the credit doctors, a great lender and a great escrow company. and he negotiated a very special and difficult deal for me which involved a difficult seller and an unconventional escrow and lastly competing "buyers". All of this at a time when the mortgage industry was compromised. Thanks for buying me the time i needed.

We Just closed it and I have the house and everything went great. Rozz ALWAYS had time to help me. I got a great deal on the loan, dealing with Rozz and his
people. He not only secured the house purchase, but literally saved me a couple of thousand dollars every month on my payment. execution+professionalism.

thanks Rozz! i look forward to our next deal.

john kuker

p.s. He is super cool as a person also

p.p.s. I have been in the business professionally for about 12 years, Rozz gets it. (he can differentiate different categories of needs.) I am glad he found me what i needed ...a 1st class studio. Glad i signed on!




1st Place - Most Closed Units (SALES) in a office of over 140 Agents.

July 2006





Rozz is the MAN!!  We were first time house buyers who had special needs that only another musician would completely understand.  We were also extremely nervous about not knowing realty "lingo" and how to decipher the mounds of paperwork involved in the purchase.  Rozz totally took the fear out of it and spoke to us in plain English.  He also has the most extensive database of houses with either converted or built-in studios in and around Los Angeles, allowing us to only look at houses that had serious potential.  In short, Rozz rocks!

John and Jenna Wicks




"If there's a house for sale with a studio, or even space to build a studio, Rozz can find it.
We've actually had fun looking for the perfect house and not feeling pressured!"

Dave & Elizabeth

Foss-Face Records




Subject: ok- i don't do this very often....but i felt passionate about it
Date: 4/1/2006 3:44:33 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
From: Jeffery David

Yo friends,

We've been looking and looking in LA for a new place to call have's been quite the process, as you might have heard, LA is a bit expensive...

We prayed and looked and ran across this realtor that specializes in homes with recording studios and working with producers and our types....

This guy has become a friend and for real, he gets us...he's been patient and hasn't once pressured us and has actually helped us remember to stay on track and keeps a super cool attitude and just keeps showing us places that can work......all this to say, I know like we all do, we know realtors by the dozens, but Rozz is truly one of us and gets us...I felt passionate enough to take the time on a Saturday to write this and spread the word...he rocks!...he plays pretty mean blues guitar and rides a Harley and has a cool hair cut's just been a cool experience!

I don't get a thing for referring him and don't want a thing, just another good guy to put in our network of good people....

Jeffery David
Music Production